Total Hygiene

The TOTAL HYGIENE Program is a simple and effective work tool to help you meet your most stringent cleanliness requirements. This program provides you with the most comprehensive and easy to follow information on hygienic procedures within your company, which is your assurance of TOTAL HYGIENE. This customized program is adapted to each individual customer. It is based on MAPAQ five-point sanitation principles to ensure that the highest levels of hygiene are respected when handling food. It consists of a handbook of washing and sanitation procedures (POLA) along with posters showing these cleaning procedures, to be displayed near equipment in every section of the workplace. The TOTAL HYGIENE Program helps you train and integrate new employees more quickly, helps them learn on the job and improves health and safety in the workplace.

The POLA handbook

The POLA Handbook of washing and sanitation procedures is a guide that covers all the information needed to clean equipment in each section of the workplace. The posters show the name and number of the POLA procedure, the section, a photo of the piece of equipment, frequency of cleaning, material needed, protective material, products and their concentration, step-by-step procedures and a checklist. They are clear, accurate and very easy to use.

Product posters

These posters give information on the identification and use of each product at a glance.

Procedure posters for each section

These posters show workers which equipment must be cleaned in their section. The posters give the name and photo of each piece of equipment, the name and number of the POLA procedure, the frequency of cleaning and the WHMIS.