Distributor of cleaning products and equipment

BOD GROUP works in the distribution of cleaning products and equipment to the foodservice, hospitality, commercial laundry, food industry, health care institutions and the industrial sector in general. Our approach is based on service by being attentive to our customers and developing solutions adapted to their needs through our proactive and well trained staff. In addition to offering a wide range of cleaning products, we are also distributors of reliable and easy to use equipment. BOD GROUP has a common goal with our customers: your success.


Our line of sanitary products includes:

A strong association

BOD GROUP is associated with B.O.D. CHEMICALS, proud to manufacture a wide range of concentrated and environmentally friendly products. Their research-development and quality assurance laboratory is dynamic and rigorous in order to provide quality products to our customers and to respond quickly to market needs.

Personalized services and sanitary products

It is crucial for any company that works in the food industry to be up to the highest sanitary standards. BOD GROUP has created practical tools and sanitary products that assure you the best hygiene and sanitary conditions. To help your employees work better and more safely, we have perfected tools to facilitate the use of our products.

BOD GROUP is more than just a sanitary products distributor; we also offer our expertise in cleaning, hygiene and sanitation. Our network of highly specialized distributors, recognized in their respective territories, is constantly expanding. Their knowledge and experience can help you improve your cleaning processes and hygiene standards.

For more information, consult our line of products or contact one of our distributors.



BODPUR-70 is an alcohol gel hand sanitizer with aloes, based on ethanol 70%. It kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria or germ on the skin. Recommended for repeated use.